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Four Streets Athens
Self-catering Apartments

The heart of Athens! Under the Acropolis, with a view of the historic landmark, the World Heritage Parthenon! On Ermou street: the most famous shopping street in the country.

A brand-new spacious luxury set of apartments in a 19th century classical mansion; a dignified next door neighbour to the priceless archaeological treasure, Kapnikarea Church. First class stunning set of private sanctuaries offer uniquely situated views and relaxation in the very centre of it all.

An easy 3 min walk from Monastiraki Metro and the cultural touchstone of the chic Plaka neighbourhood, part of a set of apartments that are named 4 Streets because their cornerstone location is truly exceptional.

The 4 Streets are: adorable Christopoulou Street which offers a private secure entrance to the mansion and even a small supermarket for those who desire self-catering. Ermou Street, Athens fashion high-street full of luxury boutiques, shops, cafés and exquisite starred restaurants. Strolling past the height of fashion, arrive at the corner of Ermou. Guests are greeted face-to-face with the head of politics, the capital of Greece: Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament.

Mitropoleos Street leads up from your cornerstone apartments through the classy and refined Plaka neighborhood where you?ll find the most romantic bars and fine dining, or stroll through the celebrated Monastiraki Antique Market.

Where the building stands, on Kapnikarea square, 4 Streets' guests access utterly unique vantage points. On your right, witness the Acropolis (glorious when lit up at night) and to the left, glance directly onto the breath-taking 11th century Byzantine Church of Kapnikarea.

One street away, you are welcome to experience the centre of western cultural history, the emblematic footprint of civilisation: Dionysiou Areopagitou. This is where a magnificent pedestal of the four winds carved by ancient artisans still stands to attention, to attend to modern guests.


  • Car & Motorbike Rental
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Free Parking Free parking off premises
  • Guided Tours (upon request)
  • Hairdresser - Nails Salon Off premises (upon request)
  • Massage Inhouse (upon request)
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access

Room Descriptions

Kekias | 2 Bedroom Suite Apartment with Ermou Str View

Kekias features


Voreas | 2 Bedroom Suite Apartment with Ermou Str View

Voreas features


Apeliotis | 2 Bedroom Suite Apartment with Acropolis View

Apeliotis features


Notos | 3 Bedroom Suite Apartment with Acropolis View

Notos features


Estate | 9 Bedrooms | 4 Suites | Acropolis View

Four Streets Estate consists of the 4 unique suite apartments (Voreas, Notos, Kekias, Apeliotis), in total 9 bedrooms / 12 bathrooms . Ideal for bigger groups looking for elegant and relaxing accommodation at the heart of Athens.

Four Streets Athens location map

Our location maps are intended as a helpful guide but are by no means definitive.

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