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Welcome to Alonissos Poikilma Villas. Discover these four unique jewels and experience comfort, quality and serenity surrounded by nature at its most abundant, exuding tranquility. Blue skies, olive trees, timeless rocks and the deep blue Aegean Sea have been the inspiration for each of the four villas: Thalassa, Ouranos, Petra, Elia. Prepare to be entranced by the secluded beaches, the natural landscape and relish the privilege and exclusivity of these villas.

Each villa offers an infinity private pool where guests can unwind with the view of the gently rippling sea and tree-lined hills. Here, even the water you will be bathing in comes in its purest form, delivered from a reversed osmosis system, and the mattresses that will host your dreams are the quality of CocoMat.


A centuries old olive tree stands proud at the yard of Villa Elia. It has been built in such a way to protect it and thus rightfully took its name, as 'elia' means olive tree in Greek. We dressed each area with warm reds and browns combined with white browns and added unique artifacts.

As you open the door, a spacious living room with a comfortable sofa and a reading corner with the view in the olive groves and sea set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere. A small bathroom, a cozy fully equipped kitchen and a dining space next to it complete the design of the ground floor level.

The master bedroom located on the first floor captures your attention with the king size bed and the one of its kind glass floor in front of the boudoir. Your feet are stepping on a glass floor in front of the boudoir while sunbathing from the glass rooftop and the en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi will help you unwind gazing through the window to the sea. The residence is ideal for the couple that seeks seclusion and serenity listening to the relaxing sound of water by the swimming pool in a mystique atmosphere.


We made sure to keep intact the biggest portion of the rock that embraces the stone -petra- wall at the northern side of the entrance of villa Petra. The colours of natural wood and playful orange blend naturally with the modern facilities of the residence.

Villa Petra can accommodate up to three guests as a beautiful sofa bed is situated behind a wooden screen separating it from the rest of the ground floor. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, a dining room and a small bathroom.

On the second level, near the main bedroom and elegantly designed bathroom with Jacuzzi, a cozy little reading area has been created, where you can relax and stare at the stunning sea view. The balcony with a roof terrace offer opportunities for relaxing outdoor activities.


We named this villa Ouranos -sky- as you can gaze the open skies through the glass rooftop of the villa. The skylights around the house follow up the celestial theme and the colours of soft blue and pink dominate its furnishing and décor.

The ground floor includes a sitting room, a small bathroom, a modern kitchen and dining room. Enjoy a barbeque night with your friends by the poolside, lying in the sunbeds, feeling the light summer breeze caressing your skin.

The two bedrooms on the upper level of the villa may host up to four guests. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with Jacuzzi for relaxing and rejuvenating moments.

Each bedroom has a private balcony, so let the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the infinity pool take your breath away.


Sometimes it's the simplest yet most inspired combinations of elements that make the most enduring atmosphere. The element of water is prominent by the time you enter villa Thalassa. The moment you step in, the deep blue pool that has invaded the entrance hall, captivates your sight.

The sea -thalassa- has been our inspiration for the unique ambience around the two towered building. We used wood and soft browns to complement the blues and add a more ?earthy? feel.

On the ground floor, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, a dining room and a small bathroom accommodate your needs. The two bedrooms with en suite Jacuzzi bathroom each, are ideal to host up to four guests.

From the balconies and the yard, the view to the olive grove and the Aegean, take your breath away.


  • Port Transfer Service
  • Boat Trips
  • Car & Motorbike Rental
  • Parking Area
  • Pets are NOT ​allowed
  • Pool Sunbeds & Umbrellas
  • Pool Towels
  • Smoking is not allowed in the villa
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access

Room Descriptions

Villa Elia 95m2

Area : 95 m2 More...

Villa Petra 105m2

Area : 105 m2 More...

Villa Ouranos 115m2

Area : 115 m2 More...

Villa Thalassa 125m2

Area : 125 m2 More...

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